Alkaline Water - Looking into the Benefits

Water has recently become big news. More and more people are becoming aware of just how harmful soda or other sugary beverages are. This has left a lot of people wondering if there might be a way to go in the other direction. People began to wonder if there were beverages which could improve rather than detract from their health. This search finally reached something of a consensus over the health benefits of alkaline water.

To understand the benefits of the substance, one must first understand what it is. Every substance, including water, has a pH level. This is a measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. In this case, the pH level is much higher than standard water. Instead of a pH level around 7 it will be closer to 8 or 9. The heavily alkaline state makes it significantly different than standard water.

Alkaline drops for water

Adding drops to water is a good way to easily convert it into an alkaline state. One of the biggest benefits is portability. Instead of needing to deal with large amounts of heavy water one can simply convert standard distilled water into a healthier alkaline state. One simply needs to add the directed amount of drops into distilled water. The only caveat is that one will usually need to use distilled water rather than standard tap water.

Where can I get alkaline water

It's easily available from a wide variety of sources online. Additionally, the increasing popularity of the water means that it even has a fair chance of showing up at larger grocery or chain stores. For example, it can usually be found in Walmart stores.

Alkaline ionized water benefits

Of course simply saying alkaline water is beneficial is a rather vague description. This is also one of the more difficult things to understand about it. The water offers so many benefits that people are often in the dark as to whether it's applicable to the things they're interested in.

The first thing to remember about alkaline water is that it offers up all of the standard benefits that are found with any type of water. Of these, one of the most important is the simple fact that when people satisfy their thirst with water they're not going to be drinking soda. Any reduction of soda intake, even diet soda, will have a large impact on people's health.

But of course the most interesting health benefits relate to the water itself. One of the most easily explained benefits relates to acid reflux. As the water is in an alkaline state, it can easily neutralize excessive levels of acid. This means that anyone suffering from acid reflux or a large number of digestive problems will see quick improvement when drinking this water.

But one of the most important medical findings about the water is a fairly recent discovery. It was recently shown that the water can decrease overall viscosity of blood following workouts. This basically means that after a heavy workout someone's circulation will be improved. Better circulation will bring a large amount of other benefits to people. The heart will have less strain on it, which can decrease overall cardiovascular risks.

There's also some evidence that it can be helpful for treating high blood pressure. This might also be related to the changes in blood viscosity seen after workouts. Going along with this mechanism of action, there's also some evidence that it's helpful in cases where people have high cholesterol levels. One can extrapolate from this that it will have a high chance of bringing positive effects to any disorder linked to circulation or the cardiovascular system.

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