The World Research and Innovation Congress Oceans is an event focused on international collaboration, funding for research and supporting research networks and excellence. This is the event that will bring together the global scientific marine community, funding agencies, policy makers, NGOs and stakeholders to discuss the key issues facing oceans research today.

Dr Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Secretary, IOC and Assistant Director-General, UNESCO has provided a statement of support for the event:

"To have an event such as the World Research and Innovation Congress fully dedicated to the ocean will strongly increase the visibility of work done at the national and multilateral levels to understand and protect this source of life and economic development that covers three-quarters of our planet and is pivotal to our livelihoods. Focusing on both ocean science and policy, the WRIC constitutes an effective manner for the scientific community to discuss scientific advances and new technological developments, while guiding policy makers, funders, NGOs, and the general public toward improved governance and knowledge of the ocean and its resources”.


Professor Manuel Pinto de Abreu, Secretary of State for the Sea for the Portuguese Government, Portugal, who is speaking at the event, has recently said:

'In recent years Portugal has made significant efforts and has dedicated valuable resources towards the increase of marine scientific research projects. Indeed, the unique biodiversity found in the vast maritime areas where Portugal exercises rights of jurisdiction and sovereignty offers exceptional conditions for MSR. Therefore, Portugal welcomes and looks forward to opportunities to increase cooperation in developing MSR projects.'