Dr Hans-Otto Pörtner obtained his PhD in animal physiology from the University of Münster, before undertaking research fellowships with the German Research Council (DFG). He is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Integrative Ecophysiology at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Marine and Polar Research, Germany. His research efforts focus on the effects of climate warming, ocean acidification and hypoxia on marine animals and ecosystems. This comprises the mechanisms limiting tolerance and biogeography in invertebrates and fish; the effects of temperature, O2 and CO2 on marine animals and ecosystems; and the role of climate oscillations in evolutionary history.

He has authored over 280 publications and was guest editor of Biogeosciences ‘Oceans in a high CO2 world’ special edition. He is also associate editor of Marine Biology and co-editor of the Journal of Thermal Biology.

Pörtner was nominated as a member of the core writing team for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) synthesis report AR5 in 2012. In this same year, he was elected to the board of referees on ‘The Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the Oceans’ for the DFG. In 2013, he received the honour of delivering the 27th Plymouth Marine Lecture, a testament to his knowledge and expertise in the field.