Marta Rodrigues joined the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) in 2005. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Estuaries and Coastal Zones Division of Hydraulics and Environment Department, and leader of the estuarine water quality and ecology research area at LNEC.

Rodrigues holds a BSc in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon, an MSc in Marine and Coastal Zones Sciences, and a PhD in Biology, specialising in Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management – both from the University of Aveiro in Portugal. Her primary activities relate to environmental quality in estuaries and coastal zones, namely water and ecological quality. To conduct this work, she uses a range of techniques, including numerical modelling, field monitoring and nowcast/forecast systems.
She has participated in several national and international research and innovation projects, including the PREPARED FP7, SPRES Interreg and COALA FCT projects. Furthermore, she has conducted advanced consultancy work in Europe and Africa. Rodrigues has also authored and co-authored several papers in Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)-indexed journals and in 2009 earned the Best Young Paper Award from the International Society for Ecological Modelling.