Luis Quaresma is a researcher at the Portuguese Navy Hydrographic Institute, specialising in Physical Oceanography. With an impressive academic background, he holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences, MSc in Geophysics, and PhD in Physical oceanography. Joining the Institute in 2000, his primary area of interest is the internal tide and high frequency non-linear internal wave dynamics. Quaresma’s other interests include bottom sediment movements and turbulent mixing, with a particular focus on submarine canyon features. He applies an interdisciplinary approach to his work, utilising numerical modeling, in situ measurements and remote sensing to understand high frequency ocean dynamics, and their effect on mesoscale circulation.

He currently leads a research team working to develop operational meteo-oceanographic products (METOC) for military operations, but combines this with extensive teaching commitments. He is Professor of Physical Oceanography at the Portuguese Navy Hydrography and Oceanography school, and manages Physical Oceanography courses for the Master’s degree in Hydrography offered by the Naval School.