After completing degrees in law, administrative law, and planning and environmental law, Pereira first joined Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA) in 2003 as an Associate of the Real Estate, Planning and Environment Practice group. After working as legal adviser to the Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development in Portugal, he returned to VdA in 2011 as Managing Associate of Real Estate and Environment. In this role, Pereira has been actively engaged in a number of transactions, both in Portugal and further afield, focused on environmental issues in energy, water, waste, and maritime affairs. Ranked within the top 500 Energy and Environment lawyers, Pereira has authored a number of articles, most recently discussing a new emissions regime for Portugal. He works on environmental projects in tourism and industry, and has a special interest in the oceans, integrating the Blue Ocean group dedicated to the economy of the sea.