Emanuel Gonçalves is Associate Professor at ISPA – Instituto Universitário (Portugal) and is the President of the Board of ISPA,CRL, the cooperative that runs the Institute. Coordinates the Eco-Ethology Research Unit of ISPA, classified as Excellent in the last evaluation process of the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation. Currently, this research Unit integrates a large center which includes 6 universities and 4 former research centers, MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre, where he is a Vice-President. His research interests are marine conservation (in particular the role of marine protected areas for ocean governance), marine ecology and connectivity in marine ecosystems, behaviour of marine animals, in particular fish, larval ecology and recruitment. He has been involved in the creation, monitoring and implementation of Marine Protected Areas in several regions, including discussions on the high seas and coordinates the studies which lead to the implementation and monitoring of MPAs in Portugal. He was deputy-head of the Portuguese Task Group for Maritime/Marine Affairs where he contributed to the approval and implementation of the National Ocean Strategy. He was coordinator of the European Union Group that led the negotiations on marine and coastal issues at the 9th Conference of the Parties of the Convention of Biological Diversity which approved the CDB Scientific Criteria for Identifying Ecologically or Biologically Significant Areas (EBSAs) in the marine realm (the Azores Criteria). He is a member of the National Council of Environment and Sustainable Development (Portugal).