Vilhjálmur Jens Árnason has over 15 years’ experience in fisheries and seafood. His career in this sector began in 1995 as Public Relations Manager for the Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation (IFPC), the largest seafood exporter in Iceland. In this same year, he joined the Trade Council of Iceland as Director of Trade Fairs. Later in 2006, he became deputy managing director of The Federation of Icelandic Fishing Vessel Owners (LIU), which he left in 2008 to complete his MBA at the University of Reykjavik.

Árnason is currently project manager for the Iceland Ocean Cluster. He combines this with working as an independent advisor for numerous organisations and institutions. Árnason has worked on a variety of projects, mostly looking at mapping different industry sectors and clusters. He authored two important reports for the Iceland Ocean Cluster, focused on ocean related industries in Iceland and in the North Atlantic region. He has also had key involvement with projects mapping the feasibility of further cooperation between IT companies and companies within the cleantech sector in Iceland.